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Guide to learn how to find resources in Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin

  If you are just discovering this game then let me tell you that Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin is a combat game where you can use an endless number of weapons that you will discover throughout the game, so there will be a variety of weapon upgrades and items that you can build, provided you can gather enough resources to do so. Before this, you will need to gather the necessary resources to build a small hut that will act as a blacksmith.

How to find resources in Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin?

The game has several resources but what you will need the most are the clay, stone, and wood, and there are different places where you can collect them. Next, we will talk to you in detail about how to find them.

  • Resource Deposits: You will start to notice large chunks of glowing rock in the area of ​​the level as you explore them, which are often a bit difficult to reach. If you can get there, you will be able to hit them with your weapons to extract important resources.
  • Hidden Chests: The treasure chests will be hidden in some levels, so you will have to check every corner to find them. These chests can contain important items or random resources that you will need. You can get a mask that makes finding these hidden chests much easier as you play.
  • Breaking Fangs and Barriers: The levels will also contain things called Fangs, sharp outcrops or rocks, or barriers made of wood to block your path. Smash an enemy against them and they can break, dropping important resources that you can later collect.
  • From the enemies: If you defeat the enemies they can also drop all kinds of resources, from food to iron, wood and stone. The idea of ​​trying to pass enemies while going through various dungeons may catch your attention, so eliminating them all for whatever resources they may leave behind doesn't sound so far-fetched.

 Now that you know how to find resources in Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin you will be able to search in each of the places or objects from which you can extract the necessary material for the creation and improvement of your weapons. Luck!

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