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For you who are starting in Ark Genesis, we prepare this article to tell you which are the best starting areas.

What is Ark Genesis.

This is the name given to two expansions divided into two parts, one has already been launched and provides a completely new experience and another will be launched in Winter this year. In addition to being the name of the season pass for both expansions.

As we mentioned the expansion was launched a few days ago and it will be very important to know what are the best starting areas to start in the best way.
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    What are the best starting areas in Ark Genesis.

    Let's start with the default biome.

    The Bog Biome is recommended by the game itself as an uncomplicated area, but this is very relative for the great mobs that we can find in it.

    The key here is to start at the Bog Biome and harvest all the basic resources available and get the pick and ax to move forward.

    After teleporting to the South Island, where you can find a lot of resources as long as you are willing to face the mobs that you will find there. Finish them, get the resources if you keep going.

    Then visit the remaining seven islands to harvest all the resources you find to compete and survive in the most difficult levels of the game.

    Keep in mind that the key in the ocean biome is to stay out of the water.

     This is our guide on what are the best starting areas in Ark Genesis, which we hope has been very useful for you, remember to follow our advice and we mentioned so that things in this expansion do not go uphill. Also remember that we have much more content about the expansion that will be very useful to you.

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