Angel Marquez
2020-10-19 09:48:35

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Today we bring you a Aquanox guide where we will explain how to switch weapons.

What to know about weapons in Aquanox?

We will have the possibility of using a significant amount of weapons, which we will easily have up to duplicates of some, the money being important in order to use the same types of weapons, considering the cost of duplicates is very high, in this Once having the key aspects, it is necessary to understand How to switch weapons and the content of this guide goes in the right direction to give us the details we are looking for in this regard, let's see them.

How to switch weapons in Aquanox?

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Changing the weapon to the left involves simply pressing 1 or the D-pad, or 2 for the right on the D-pad, taking into account the non-existence of a menu that allows us to do so, the weapons are not dismountable , being necessary to use spam until we locate the specific weapon that we are looking for, to buy a duplicate weapon we have to the bomb icon that is inside the tab on any dock will take us to the menu of our weapons, but it is necessary that let's equip the weapon of which we want to buy the duplicate in the slot and in the other image the duplicate, it is the only way no matter how tedious it turns out to be, the cost of these is mostly for 7000 or more, which makes It is necessary that the rewards are complete and we even go through the sale of some materials to have the necessary money, if we want to stay updated is the only possibility we will have, the improved version and the purchase of the duplicate is the best option, ignoring the comp lied to get them all.

In conclusion, knowing how to switch weapons is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game like Aquanox.