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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-20 14:43:59

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There are many interesting activities in Genshin Impact and this allows us to tell you how to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle, let's see.

What is Jueyun Karst in Genshin Impact?

  As we move around in this game we get ourselves with some amount of necessary tasks such is the case of knowing, How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle, especially since this is simply a large lake that can occupy us for a long time, since our main task is to make the water descend, since this allows us to have the possibility of opening a door, which allows us to access a particular place, since Genshin Impact has managed to trap us so much, to the point of having many interesting and secret areas.
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How to solve Jueyun Karst puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 This is a task that leads us to get the door to access the Taishan Mansion with the possibility of locating the two pillars of the lake, as well as the option of draining the water in a lake located north of the Tianqiu Valley.

 Access the pillars.

  •  First pillar: Our journey begins in the northeastern part of the lake, where it will be necessary to make use of the elemental tokens to get rid of the enemies that are present here with some speed, once we have achieved it it is time to take the treasure chest, then jump on the pillar and thus get to interact with the orange button that shines and is located at the top.
  • Second pillar: This is after the cut scene and it is our job to continue draining the water, to locate the next pillar, it is surrounded by some orange runes, and some statues which must be filled with bright colored rock. black with orange of those that are scattered around the lake, in such a way that we will choose to break them, and return with them to the statue to place and activate them, which allows us to continue our work on How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle, in such a way So we choose to interact with the pillar in the circle and thus activate a scene in such a way that allows us to choose to take the treasure chest and check it since it may contain some loot, in addition to moving to the next phase in this puzzle.

 Accessing the door of the Taishan Mansion in Genshin Impact can only occur as soon as we have managed to lower the water of the lake, which allows us to walk and approach the door in order to interact with it so that it can be opened and thus access at the levels of it, likewise have the possibility of taking the treasure chest that is located in front of the door.


This is everything you need to know about How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle, as it is an interesting and rewarding task that we can only execute in Genshin Impact.

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