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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-16 16:16:33

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Knowing how to report hackers is an interesting task that we can carry out in Among Us and here we tell you how to do it.

What are Hackers in Among Us?

  As this game was gaining some kind of popularity, we got a considerable number of impostors to which it is necessary to report, as they are the order of the day and are usually present in multiplayer mode, as there are some players who try play genuinely and they can't win because there are a number of cheats here, even though this game has the option of an Anti-cheat engine, these cheats are killing the experience of the game and that's not really pleasant at all.
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How to report Hackers in Among Us?

 To do this process it is necessary to use the Anti-cheat engine to generate some reports, since they are in charge of tracking and voting on hackers, which may consider that it is possible to create the multiplayer host where there is the possibility of including selective players, this assuming there is the option that you may be using the anti-cheat engine through the lobby screen to choose to prohibit a certain player from joining the session.

 The developers are specifically creating a second installment of the game which makes knowing how to stop cheats a more necessary task, and for which we must all be properly prepared, because what is true is that today it does not exist Lack of option to report hackers

 Definitely knowing how to report hackers is simply important, since they are the ones who cause inconvenience for us to be able to play at Among Us and it is necessary to stop them to play with peace of mind

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