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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-16 15:54:34

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Today we are going to talk to you about How to fix the error with Unity Error, as it is necessary to be able to play Among Us.

What is Unity Error in Among Us?

  This is an inconvenience that we find in this game and everything seems to indicate that it is clearly linked to a failure in the GPU, since it is possible that the system may be overloaded, or simply be being hampered by others, which leads us to this problem and the need to know how to fix the bug with Unity Error since it has been responsible for crashing the game.


How to fix the crash with Unity Error in Among Us?

  It is important to know that there are some programs that can hinder us since they can perform very similar functions, it is ideal to close some of them to avoid these tedious problems that do not allow us to play correctly, here are some solutions that can help you.
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Disable RAM and GPU overlock.

 This can be done by deactivating the software and reverting the configuration, because to unlock the RAM it is necessary to do it through the BIOS, since there is the possibility of lowering the 8GB RAM from 2000 MHz to 1600 MHz, as this is usually done when we have knowledge that the GPU or RAM was not manually overclocked.

 Troubleshoot the RAM.

 It is possible to obtain very different configurations, since not all users usually have them, however, on the subject of RAM it is necessary to consider, evict or simply replace them, since there is the possibility of having some inconvenience clearly related to The memories and they can make us have a bitter time, an issue that is vital to solve and for this it is necessary to know how to repair the failure with Unity Error.

 Modify the power option in Windows 10.

 There is the possibility of increasing the temperature in our CPU if we do not have a cooler and this is really bad because it damages the system for this it is necessary to consider these options for Among Us:

We proceed to click on the plus sign to expand, expanding the minimum state of the processor and setting it to 100 percent, in the same way expanding the maximum state of the processor to 100 percent and setting it.

Finally we click on Apply and OK to choose to save the changes and that's it.


 In general terms, knowing how to fix the error with Unity Error is an interesting and necessary task in Among Us, because with this it is possible to play normally and calmly, we hope these solutions can be of use to you.

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