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Angel Marquez
2021-04-04 19:09:13

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Today we bring you a Among Us guide, where we will explain how to complete Clean Toilet task in Lounge on Airship.

What to know about the airship salon in Among Us?

We find one of the game tasks that correspond to the airship room, this being the maintenance of the bathroom, for this we have to consider that this room is located in the central part of the aircraft, bordering the cargo bay that is to the south of the Lounge bathroom, noting that on the left are the logs, there is the possibility that you walk on the platform of the gap room to get to this place and to be able to understand How to complete Clean Toilet task in Lounge on Airship we have the following details.
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How to complete Clean Toilet task in Lounge on Airship in Among Us?

Once we get to the living room, we have the bathroom to be on the right, we find 4 bathroom stalls, but only one should be uncovered from the toilets, you have to go through each of these stalls, which may lead us to notice corpses left by impostors, our goal is to fix the one that is highlighted in yellow, there is certainly a bottle opener in the bathroom, you just have to constantly pull it from the inside out with the touch screen, the mouse or the left lever vertically, it is necessary that we go up and down quickly, because it requires a pressure gauge on the right that must go from green to red, when this happens it means that the toilet will be clean.

  Finally, now that we know how to complete Clean Toilet task in Lounge on Airship, it is possible to solve another of the tasks that are presented to us in Among Us.

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