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This time we return with a Outriders guide, aiming to explain how to improve performance.

What to know about Outriders?

  There are a series of problems that are related to the performance of the game on our PC, among which are micro-flickering and micro-freezing, so to find some solutions that allow us to address how to improve performance we have to consider some details that will be exposed next in this guide, you just have to pay attention to it from now on, let's see.

How to improve performance in Outriders?

There are some solutions to apply to solve how to improve performance, ending the micro-flicker and micro-freezing, which will allow us to return to the optimal functioning of Outriders, the solutions are presented hereinafter.
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    • The dedicated GPU: you have to take into account the existing occasions where the GPU software uses graphics from the CPU that are integrated instead of using those that the GPU actually has, which can be the cause of the problems in Outriders, being with greater weight over those who are in laptops, then for this solution in terms of how to improve performance what we will do is access the Nvidia control panel or Radeon configuration, which is done with the right button of the mouse on the desktop, having Keep in mind that we use Nvidia hardware, what we will do is go to Manage 3D Settings, going through Global Settings, where we find the graphics processor option, here you have to choose our dedicated GPU to apply later, if we are in AMD there is only We have to access the configuration tab and look for switchable graphics, we look for the game to put it in high performance.
    • The PC controls: among the different solutions to how to improve performance, it can be of great help to disconnect the controls connected to the PC, which will allow Outriders to enter normally, for this we will go to see devices and printers, so that we can make a removal of controls from a list that will be presented in the hardware option.
    • Windows Defender exclusions: it is necessary that we make an exclusion for the folder that corresponds to Outriders from Steam, in a similar way that is done with applications, which can be a solution to how to improve performance, then in the search bar we have To locate Windows Security, on the left is the detection of viruses and threats, here we have to go down to choose the configuration management, after we are here we will go down to exclusions, where they can be added or deleted, what we will do is add one and go on to choose the folder to look for the one that corresponds to Steam, being this found in the normal unit or where we did the installation of Outriders, when we enter it we have to look for Steamapps Common and choose the one of the game, then in our unit main we pass to users, our name, appdata, local and we are going to add the Madness folder, we will only have to restart the game to see if we can solve How to improve performance on our PC.
    • Using DirectX 11: it is possible that there are mentioned errors due to performance problems due to what happens with DirectX 12, for this we have to go to DirectX 11 to achieve a solution to how to improve performance in Outriders, when we are on Steam we have to In the library, locate the game and give the right button to enter the properties, we will see that the general option is displayed, here we have the launch options at the bottom, here we have to write –force-dx11, this will allow Let's start in DirectX 11, considering that it may fail, then what we will do is go to the game installation folder, we will look in the Steam folder, steamapps, common, Outriders or also Epic Library, the UE4CommandLine.txt, what we will do is open it to insert the –force-dx11 at the bottom, save and open the game executable from the folder, we must consider the fact that we will not have access to DLSS, because our frame-rate e It's minor in general, but it can be solved how to improve performance and its respective problems.

    • Deactivate the Steam Overlay: as for how to improve performance for this option, we have to be playing Outriders through Steam, while if we are on Epic we support being offline from our friends lists, then for this we have to deactivate the Steam overlay, for this we enter it on the left side of the launcher to look for the configuration, we will look for the option to deactivate the Steam Overlay by unchecking the box and we give it to accept for the configuration to take effect, then you have to go to friends and chat at the bottom where the launcher is located, when we click here we have to choose our profile and place ourselves without any connection.
    • The video drivers: we have one of the solutions in terms of how to improve performance will go through the fact of reinstalling or resetting our video drivers, for this it is ideal to go first for the reinstallation, it is necessary that to do so we install the uninstaller of screen drivers so that it is done more effectively, once we download it we are going to execute it, then our PC will go through a reboot and execute the installation of the driver again, which we must have downloaded, once we install it we must do a reboot if it doesn't happen automatically.
    • Install Outriders again: if all of the above has not been able to help us, what we will do as a final option is to install the game again, for this we uninstall and install again, now if doing this we have no solution, we can only wait for the game is patched, considering that People Can Fly are aware of these problems and are working on it, but hopefully some of the solutions that have been mentioned work.

     We hope that the information detailed here on how to improve performance, at some point in the solutions will allow you to return to action in Outriders to continue the fun.

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