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2020-10-22 09:27:23

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The tasks in Amnesia Rebirth are interesting and that is why today we tell you how to solve Alchemy Lab Teleporter Puzzle.

What is the alchemy lab in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is undoubtedly an important task since it is something simple to solve and this is because it is relatively a bit short, it is not a very complex level but in a way it can be useful enough, in such a way that knowing how to solve Alchemy Lab Teleporter Puzzle leads us to locate ourselves in an area where it will be vital to turn on the teleporter.
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How to solve Alchemy Lab Teleporter Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

 This is undoubtedly a fairly short task since our task is to use the power poles in order to progress, since we focus on getting a pylon to be able to move it forward to the point that we manage to open a door only when entering It is possible to see that the lightning is simply not there, which makes us have to move to the room with a panel covered with ruins and some cubes with empty vitae containers, our main objective here is to get the blue containers, since these are They are located in the same room and obviously these are loaded, with that it is time to leave the teleportation room and go to the hall on the right side to access the door that leads to the balcony where we locate the glass containers to which it will be necessary to collect and return once more to the laboratory.

 We continue working in such a way that it will be necessary to place the flasks under the enclosure, then take an energy pylon and take them to the laboratory in order to open the door on the right, since this allows us to take the stained glass sphere to be placed in the pillars in front of the rune panel, then it is necessary to place the energy pylon in the enclosure and the rune panel marker so that it can coincide with the 3 required runes that we can perfectly observe through the laboratory window from the other room, having the runes combined it is only necessary to press the red button that is located at the top since we activate the teleporter and send the energy pylon to the other room, in order for it to appear the shadow, so we proceed to jump out of the crevasse and get to a safe place.

 Definitely, knowing how to solve Alchemy Lab Teleporter Puzzle is not a complicated task, only that you have to do things with a respective sequence in Amnesia Rebirth.

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