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2020-10-22 09:33:18

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We continue talking about Amnesia Rebirth and this time it is with the aim of telling you how to solve the Cistern Crank Puzzle

What is the Cistern Crank Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

  This is one of the many tasks to which it is necessary to give a solution and that makes us have to work a bit, because we are in an environment that is not at all favorable, full of terror and some monsters that will be interested in making our lives squares, especially because it is an environment where there is no facility for any task, so that knowing how to solve the Cistern Crank Puzzle is simply presented as a necessary option when we manage to cross the road with Doozy, a monster that The only thing he dreams of is eliminating us.
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How to solve the Cistern Crank Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

 Our first task is to consider that there are 3 cranks that must be turned in this game and they are the following:


  •  The left crank required to open the lock gates.
  • The middle handle required to control the crane by moving it to the left or right.
  • The right crank needed to raise and lower the crane.


 It is necessary to consider the turn that we achieve since our work depends on this, because knowing how to solve the Cistern Crank Puzzle is simply unique in such a way that:

  •  If we turn the left crank we will be able to open the right door since the left door simply seems to be stuck, and it is a task to solve.
  • If we turn the crank that is in the middle, we can position the crane before the right gate.
  • Then it is necessary to go through the platform until reaching the right lock in order to enter the lock.
  • Our task in the dry canal allows us to take the first left and see everything that has caused the gate to get stuck.
  • We proceed to pull the hook so that the door on the left side can be opened and thus return once more to where the cranks are located at Amnesia Rebirth.


 To solve this puzzle you need:


  •  Close the sluice gates, for which it is necessary to use the crank on the left side.
  • Move the crane a little to the right using the middle crank so that it can be level with the right gate.
  • Then we proceed to release the crank to quickly open the gates with the left crank.
  • This allows us to get the platform of the crane to land on top of the lock gate so that it can get stuck and proceed to jump on it from inside the dry water channel, exit through the right gate, place ourselves on the platform of the crane and proceed to jump to the left platform to continue through the cistern.

 This is all you need to know about how to solve the cistern crank puzzle in such a way that we are allowed to proceed through Amnesia Rebirth ..

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