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2020-10-22 10:53:31

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We have made for you a Amnesia Rebirth guide where we tell you how to solve the puzzle of the chamber of the pillars, let's see.

What does the pillars chamber puzzle represent in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is simply one of the many necessary tasks that we must perform in this game and that is intended to allow us to progress in addition to having experience, because this world is full of puzzles, it is more to solve this, specify it is necessary to have already resulted in the Orb puzzle and three wheel puzzle.

How to solve Chamber of Pillars Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

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Our work on these sides consists of making the portal work and this simply leads us to mobilize ourselves to the center of the puzzle room of the puzzle, since it is necessary to align the symbols, from the panel then with the pillars, which allows us have the possibility of making use of the grill on the right, in the center and below, in addition to having the possibility of observing some wheels that are in front of us and we can perfectly use to rotate the pillars, just remember that it is only It is possible to move the pillar in the center and the one on the right, then our task focuses on getting the symbol board to focus on the left in order to achieve an adjustment that allows it to coincide with the board and thus form lines of the pillars in such a way that this done allows us to have the option of pressing the button and thereby starting the portal giving a solution to our puzzle.

Definitely, knowing How to solve Chamber of Pillars Puzzle is simply an interesting task that we can only carry out in Amnesia Rebirth and that in a way opens the doors to other tasks soon.

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