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2020-07-27 09:59:59

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This time we return with a Carrion guide, aiming to explain how to save your game.

What to know about saving in Carrion?

It is important to constantly save our games, due to the fact that the enemies in this game are very capable of ruining our progress, which can position us in a checkpoint very removed from our current location, then if you want to know how to save your game, just pay close attention to the content below.
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    How to save your game in Carrion?

    The guarantee of our progress goes through different possibilities of saving our games, when we save we are allowed to continue from the checkpoint closest to our death, but we have to travel to a different level is a simple way to save our progress, this happens Due to the fact that our game is automatically saved when we reach a new area, we also have the biomass, the latter being the most appropriate probably, advancing at the same time in the game and saving, in each of the levels there are multiple places to leave our biomass, which allows us to save our game very frequently with multiple save files.

      Knowing how to save your game is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Carrion.

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