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Angel Marquez
2020-06-04 17:06:59

More about: Ark Survival Evolved

Today we bring you a Beginner's Guide where the necessary details regarding Ark Survival Evolved are presented.

At Ark Survival Evolved we have to fight dinosaurs and people can also be an obstacle so it is good that we have some tips to help us, finding in this Guide for beginners, in order to face the challenges that will be presented to us as we progress, so if you want answers you just have to focus on the following content.

What will we have in this Beginner's Guide at Ark Survival Evolved?

In this Beginner's Guide we are going to keep in mind some vital tips, in this way we know in detail the dinosaurs that are hunting us, we also get to be in control of many situations with the help of this content, to have more details just it is necessary that we continue reading in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Beginner's Guide

Resources for survival: a fact of great importance for survival is that we must have the necessary resources, for this it is vital that we have the pajamas and the stone, for the pajamas it is that we can get the blows over there for the trees and the We collect stones from the same soil, a part of them are wood, flint and fiber, forming part of these very useful resources, that's why in this Beginner's Guide we have access to much more.
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  • The use of tools: these have a vital role, since with these it is possible to access many resources, here an ax and pick are necessary, of course even if we have the tools it is not enough, it is important that we have the knowledge of what part of Ark Survival evolved we are going to use, which means, before being a tree we will use the ax to get the wood, the pick for the straw, the rocks we can hit with the ax and thus obtain the stones, the flint with the beak and thus we will have the necessary resources.

  • Small animals kill: for us to survive, it is necessary to do things that are usually undesirable, but we must do it, animals such as dodos and fish are very easy to get, thanks to these we can have many objects, the more we do this we can Access to improve the tools and get an idea through this Beginner's Guide of what is going to happen in Ark Survival Evolved, then the precise moment comes when you advance through a larger creature.

  • The Engrams: these are the points that we will earn while we go up the level in the ark, which will allow us to unlock new craft recipes, in addition to improving our equipment in order to have better results, taking into account He considers the need to give priority to the most important thing, since it will not be possible for us to unlock them all, the stone ax, the spear and the campfire will be, so to speak, the most important, because they help us to be alive and give us strength.

  • Night shelter: nights are a complicated moment of play, that's why we have to make the right decisions, so building a shelter before night falls will be ideal, with the resolution that our temperature remains optimal we could die of cold, which means that it does not have to be something of walls and ceiling as such.

  • Away from the beach: once we are ready to build a refuge that will last us in time, it is important that we do not do it in such a visible place as the beach, it is something to consider in this Beginner's Guide, Since we cannot see each other and we will be safer because of it, we will also have many resources nearby, which allows us to improve our capabilities.

  • Beds: in Ark Survival Evolved it has an essential role in terms of our quality of life, they are available for repositories, in addition, we can make trips faster, so if we create a network bed around the world, we will always be comfortable to where we go, but when making the trips quickly using a bed, sometimes finishing some loot that we have overlooked, a fact to consider.

  • Join a tribe: if we want to live this will be the right way, the fastest we can have to join a tribe, of course it is also possible for us to form our own tribe, only it is easier to join a complete operation, the operation is Similar to a guild like any other online game, a tribe can help us increase our Ark Survival Evolved abilities more quickly.

  • Mastery over animals: we can help ourselves with the pick and ax, but it is not the only thing that will help us, what we can do right now in this Beginner's Guide, we must bear in mind that we must strive to become Friends of some animals, since many things will be easily done to us, the abilities of the animals are different, friendship with these can be of great value, for this we will knock them out first and then we will feed them.

  • Death: on many occasions we will die, it is a natural order, which they call the cycle of life, but it will not be the end because we will have a new birth, only without any object, now if we go to the place in which we perished it is possible that we recover everything we had when we died, we could know if something killed us the first time it could do it again, if we die again if we have what we left the first time we will have no way to get it .

Finally now that we know everything from this Beginner's Guide it is possible for us to progress and have fun at Ark Survival Evolved.

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