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Handling us in XCOM Chimera Squad is not easy and even less if we are not well equipped, so here we explain how to get weapons and grenades

How to get weapons and grenades in XCOM Chimera Squad?

Weapons and grenades are two fundamental elements that we need to fight the enemies that are presented to us here, because the combat is simply strong, it is necessary to get excellent and much more powerful equipment and not being prepared leads to certain death.

How to upgrade weapons in XCOM Chimera Squad?

Knowing how to obtain weapons and grenades is essential, because here we have the opportunity to have shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles and pistols, only these must be updated, as some require waiting a few days or simply a certain amount of Elerium, either Whatever the option, it is important to update them, since new technologies should be incorporated into weapons in XCOM Chimera Squad.

There is a way to get the weapons to be updated automatically, this is done with the credits, for this it is important to go to the Supplies tab and buy the credit update, this presents an excellent advantage especially if the weapon to update it is an assault rifle. Normally these changes are not usually permanent in the weapons, which means that we can eliminate the update of the slot when we consider it necessary, since the option to change it for another one is simply open.
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How to use grenades in XCOM Chimera Squad?

 The advantage that this game offers us is that not only are the weapons used, since grenades have their role here, so knowing how to obtain weapons and grenades is so essential. It is important to note that grenades can be purchased quite simply, because when the game starts we are not very well armed with some of these artifacts, these items can be purchased in the Supplies tab of the command center, that is where we can see that these grenades exist.

 To get the grenades it is only necessary to see that they can appear in the Scavenger Market or simply by completing some missions since they can simply be delivered as a reward.

 It is important to note that grenades will simply never disappear from our inventory after being used, of course this is because while we are in battle it is only possible to make use of only one of these artifacts that are generally placed in the slot of XCOM Chimera Squad utility object, the following grenades are the ones we have from the beginning and they are not so useful but they can help us for something.

  •  Smoke grenades: they allow us to make improvements to our character.
  • Ceasefire Grenade: This grenade has the function of making enemies for a certain time simply unable to use firearms.
  • Flashbang Grenade - This grenade aims to stun enemies.

 What are the best grenades in XCOM Chimera Squad?

  •  Shock Grenade: With this grenade we can knock out our enemies for a certain period of time, and make their actions simply disappear from the timeline, since their function is to electrocute the enemy.
  • Plasma Grenade: its function is to destroy some covers, since it is capable of causing enormous damage to enemies.
  • Frigate Grenade: This we could say is the simplest, since it only does damage to enemies but a little less.

How to get epic weapons in XCOM Chimera Squad?

 Epic weapons have two different ways to obtain them and they are not received precisely as a reward for completing missions, they have the ability to incorporate some ability to our hero action bar and we can give it the respective use in battle, for example, the fact of running during combat is simply one of these skills that we have.

 Epic weapons have their place in our inventory, which is why knowing how to obtain weapons and grenades becomes a fundamental task, since in the case of epic weapons there are two different ways of obtaining them, and in the description of some mission to carry out It gives us a brief report on how to get it, it is generally ideal to eliminate an enemy that has this weapon and then send an agent directly to the yellow box where it has been dropped, there we will be confirming that we have taken said weapon, this is one of the ways to get hold of this weapon.

 Another way to do it simply by acquiring them in the Scavenger market, but this does not mean that they are economic, since they will cost us 100 Intel, it is only necessary to have the resources and acquire it to place it in the inventory, which can simply replace any that is old .

 In this sense, one of the best options we have at XCOM Chimera Squad is simply the possibility of having weapons and other explosive devices, since knowing how to get weapons and grenades is simply an excellent task to overcome.

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