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Angel Marquez
2022-01-31 02:52:45

More about: Xbox Series X / S

This time we are back with a guide to Xbox Series X / S, aiming to tell you How to turn off fast resume.

What to know about Quick Resume in Xbox Series X / S


By means of it is possible to make a change quickly between games, resulting in the suspension of the current game in which we are to go to the game of another, then we can return to the one we played initially and we will be at the precise point at which we left it, even between 3 games we can do it, something that results in an important advantage to not start a game from the beginning, Despite the interesting benefits it offers for some games, there are problems when we want to run this function, so it is necessary that we know how to turn off the quick resume and that is when the content of this guide comes in to guide us, just follow it from here on, let's see it.


How to turn off Quick Resume on Xbox X Series

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There is no option to disable this feature on Xbox X / S Series globally, so we will have to do it for each of the games manually, it is certainly annoying for some of us, but as for How to turn off fast resume just do it at the time it is required, seeing that this function is causing problems in a specific game, it is also ideal that we know which game runs this function, for this we enter the Xbox button to open the guide, by the upper right corner of the screen we will notice it, starting from it what we will do to turn it off is as follows:

  •   Press the Xbox button to go to our games and applications.
  •   We choose the option of fast resume to notice the list of the games that are  using  this function.
  •   We give in menu to choose the option to delete the function.


The result of this in terms of how to turn off the quick resume is that you will see deleted the data that are not saved in the game at the same time that will be closed, now when we open the game again it turns out that this function is automatically activated, it is something that practically we will use by obligation to have the result after having turned it off.


It is important to know that most of the Xbox X / S Series games have support for this function of fast resume, but even so there are problems by which come to be affected, it is important to turn it off at the right time.

We can conclude that how to turn off the quick resume is easier than you think, just do it at the right time to continue to enjoy on Xbox X / S Series.

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