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Find out where to find fortune-teller rune tokens in this excellent and self-explanatory guide from World Of Warcraft.

What to know about the fortune-teller rune tokens in World Of Warcraft?

It is a search and collection that we must perform in the game brought with update 9.1, certainly adding to the objects and missions as new content, our purpose is to find 20 of these that must be delivered to an archivist, thus achieving some rewards, then it is necessary for us to know Where to find fortune-teller runes tokens and the necessary details are presented in this guide, let's see them.

Where to find fortune-teller rune tokens in World Of Warcraft?

It all starts once we have the rune bag, with which we can drop into random treasure-related locations in Korthia, turning out to be about Where to find fortune-teller rune tokens in invading mushrooms and unusual material nests, considering that are presented in World Of Warcraft 9 places regarding the Mawshrooms and unusual materials, then let's see what it indicates to us mentioned waypoints.

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  • Nests made of unusual materials: all the nests have a purple outline, it is very similar to a bird, it is flat, and it is difficult to visualize, especially if we have a wide FOV, having the Quorum of the seeker is at 51.88, 44.0 in the branches of the tree, Quorum of the seeker 42,23,55,92 near the hole that leads to the cave, the vault of secrets 52.35, 72.77 on a small hill and at 63.74, 31.23 climbing some branches of the tree from the waypoint.
  • Invasive mushrooms: we have to about Where to find fortune-tellers runes in World Of Warcraft correspond to small mushrooms that glow purple, it is found in a group of 3 being estuary of awakening 41.21, 44.95 between the rock and the tree, the ascent of the hope 35.67, 31.04 in some roots that are near a cliff, the perspective of mauler 49, 97, 32,57 in the upper zone of the root at the waypoint, the lair of the scholar 60,69, 38, 23 going up over the gray cage of the tree and 42.29, 34.60 going up the twisted root.
  • Spawn timers: the different locations in World Of Warcraft mentioned have a spawn timer, only this varies from day to day, using LFG can help, while knowing about these places depends on the general chat, considering the pair of options that are not useful, we can go through each one looking for the Mawshrooms or nests to appear, it is something that forces us to carry out update 9.1, traveling from one place to another in order to complete the archivist's missions.
  • Ancient Korthian runes and rewards: it is an object that is not understood as such, it is even considered something similar to a Tarot reading, being the existence of 12 different ones that have sets of readings, it is important to seek to understand it because it is about of the proper combination of elemental knowledge, we can only count on our own interpretation so far.
  • Other rewards: on Where to find fortune-teller runes tokens, we have to obtain them by completing the search, in addition to 250 research points, with which it helps us to buy Roh-Suir objects, considering that there are many objects available depending on the level that we have of investigation, being 3 corresponding to the archivist in the update.

We hope that the information detailed here on Where to find fortune-teller tokens has been very useful for your progress in World Of Warcraft.

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