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2020-11-27 12:33:02

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The action in World of Warcraft Shadowlands does not stop, so we come to explain how to level up with precise details.

What is leveling up in World of Warcraft Shadowlands all about?

In this expansion, the time that we will take for the levels is low if we compare it to the previous expansions, due to the new leveling system that we will have here, which leads us to the creation of new additions to our list so that the raid is achieved more easily, we will be exploring many areas that the different characters bring with them and we will be able to enlist our character for the different situations that we will face in this new and dark kingdom, now so that we know how to level up, we just have to continue reading the following text.

How to level up in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

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The best opportunity we will have is the campaign, so we will focus on its content, where each one is comprised of 10 missions each and is related to the history of each area, in addition to containing 8 questions for each area, All this will be enough for us to achieve level 60 by completing all the missions with the accumulation of XP, the situations that we will face range from eliminating a certain number of enemies to the collection of some resources, coming to count on many people as support to Such missions, thus considerably seeing the time it will take us to complete them, the more we participate the faster it is, it is also possible that we will do the secondary missions, only that enough XP to be at level 60 is not vital, we will notice that with the world mission available we will be able to obtain a significant amount of XP without the effort being so great.

It is evident that knowing how to level up allows us to have more progress and fun in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, it only remains to enjoy it to the fullest.

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