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Guide to learn how to get more redeemed souls in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

 In the World of Warcraft Shadowlands universe there is something called redeemed souls that you can accumulate as you progress through the game. In Shadowlands you are introduced to Covenants, and each one has a shrine that can be upgraded with Anima and Redeemed Souls. The Anima part of the routine is basically limitless, but if you were hoping to accumulate redeemed souls to maximize your Sanctum upgrades ASAP, let's just say the latter is more complicated than it sounds. and in this guide we will explain why and what would be the way to obtain more redeemed souls in this well-known game.

How to get more redeemed souls in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

Know that while you can farm Anima with impunity, redeemed souls are locked behind a weekly quest. So you will get five redeemed souls when you join your Pact in the Shadowlands, but you will have to complete a week to get more.

After choosing a Pact, the first chapter of your campaign will begin. Once you reach and complete the "Hopeful News" mission in Chapter 1, you will receive five redeemed souls.

If you've already chosen a Covenant and switched to a different one after taking their starting souls, you'll still earn them for your new Covenant, but you may have to go back to Oribos to grab them if you didn't receive them at launch.

After that you will have to complete a weekly quest to earn more redeemed souls in Shadowlands. While it is not much of a threat to start storing Anima, Redeemed Souls will act as a wall of progression. You should prioritize which updates are the most important to you, due to the waiting time that you must apply for this.
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You will need to rescue souls from the Maw every week and initially you will only earn five redeemed souls from the quest. As you level up in your Renown, you will eventually unlock Soulkeeper Upgrades that will allow you more souls weekly.

If you want to complete each sanctuary upgrade as quickly as possible, you'll need to keep up with your Renown. Soulkeeper upgrades in Shadowlands are unlocked at Renown Ranks 15, 24, and 32.

  Now that you know how to get more redeemed souls in World of Warcraft Shadowlands you can be aware of the updates to be able to capture the redeemed souls that you must capture in the game. Luck!

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