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Today we bring you a World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide and we aim to explain how to use the grateful offerings

What to know about grateful offerings in World of Warcraft Shadownlands?

This expansion will bring us a lot of things to do and getting grateful offerings is one of them, only that these must be combined to give them an excellent use, for this it is important to combine them with "Anima", and in this way to be able to buy some things, it is important be clear that there are some requirements to purchase a full reskin of our "Alliance Armor", including:

Grateful offerings.



How to use grateful offerings in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

We can use gratitude for some implements and these can be:
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Gloves - Requires 15 Grateful Offerings, 16 Renown, and 2,000 Anima.

Legs: Have 25 Grateful Offerings, 16 Renown and 3,000 Anima.

Doll: have 15 Grateful Offerings, 16 Renown and 2,000 Anima.

  • Cloak: have 10 Grateful Offerings, 26 Renown and 1,500 Anima.
  • Helm, shoulders, and chest: Count on 30 Grateful Offerings, 32 Renown, and 4,000 Anima.

  • Boots: these have two sets:
  • The first requires 25 Grateful Offerings, 6 Renown, and 3,000 Anima.
  • The second game requires 15 Grateful Offerings, 26 Renown, and 2,000 Anima.

  • Mounts: The grateful offerings are also favorable in relation to the mounts, we do not grow them all the time and this allows us to buy them for what is necessary to do it through the anima driver having a requirement of 5000 Anima and 100 Thankful Offerings.

  • Weapons: they are another element that we can get and for which it is possible to use grateful offerings, after finishing our alliance campaign it is possible:
  • Buy the first weapon for 10 Grateful Offerings and 3,500 Anima.
  • Unlocking Renown 37 costs 50 Grateful Offerings and 3,500 Anima.

  • Legendary Memories: To obtain a legendary memory it is possible to use Grateful Offerings and for this it is required to use 35 Offerings.

 We can finish our guide on how to use grateful offerings, so it's time to do it yourself and get the most out of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, good luck.

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