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2021-06-03 11:01:43

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World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade has arrived and with it interesting tasks, let's see how to choose Aldor or Scryer.

What are Aldor and Scryer in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade?

This game has different things to do for us, and specifically it is necessary to choose to choose Aldor or Scryer, in this sense, it is good to make it clear that these are two interesting and important factions that it is possible to join, each of these has its own respective characteristics.

It should be noted that knowing how to choose Aldor or Scryer can become a very complex decision in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade and this implies that it is necessary to reach level 60, also this is a decision that must be made when arriving in the city of Shatthath, this because we are involved in different search lines, in addition, this allows us to have the opportunity to access some rewards that simply cannot be left.
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Choose Aldor or Scryer in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade

Each of the factions has its characteristics that make it interesting, it is also necessary to make a good choice, this because a minimum error that can be made when choosing the wrong faction can be costly, however, there is the possibility of changing sides , only that obviously our character will be hated by the other faction, it is not possible to expect less.

Here are the characteristics related to the choice we make:

Aldor Faction: This is the most favorable faction of both, because it is the one that can grant us the most rewards, as long as we are working for this class it will be interesting to work within a mission called "Death Strike to the Legion" and to join it is necessary to be one of these:


  •  A Druid that can use Feral DPS, Feral Tank, and Restoration.
  • A Hunter class that uses Beast Mastery and Marksmanship.
  • A Paladin class that uses Saint, Protection, and Retribution.
  • A Priest class that uses Saint and Shadow.
  • A Rogue class that uses Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety.
  • A Shaman class that uses Enchantment and Restoration.
  • A Warrior class that uses Weapons, Fury, and Protection.


 Scryer Faction: this is the faction that we all really want, here we are offered the opportunity to reap all the benefits that are related to “Turning Point”, also joining this faction can become a strong enough issue, and these are the types of builds that have the ability to join:


  •  A balanced class of Druid.
  • A Hunter class that is pro at survival.
  • A kind of Mage that makes use of the Arcane, Fire and Frost.
  • A Shaman class can use elemental magic.
  • A Warlock class that uses Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction.


 It should be noted that there is the possibility of leaving the faction and this implies:


  •  In case of leaving Aldor it is usually necessary to get an NPC named Arcanist Adyria, who will precisely have the ability to offer the quest called “Visions of Borent’thal”, it is necessary to repeat it a few times until the affinity with the Sycrer is neutral.
  • In case of leaving Scryer, it is usually necessary to get an NPC named Sha'nir, he usually offers us the mission called “Tense Supplies”, it is necessary to repeat it until the affinity with Aldor can become neutral.

 In this sense, choosing Aldor or Scryer can become a complex task, but somehow it is usually necessary to make this choice and continue in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade.

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