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We welcome you to our guide on How to Get the JAK Volkh in MW3 and Warzone? in detail.

Another burst conversion kit that players can use in Call of Duty is the JAK Volkh: Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. This guide will explain how to get a burst conversion and where you can equip it to help you upgrade your armory, let's look at the next content.

How to Get the JAK Volkh in MW3 and Warzone?

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To unlock JAK Volkh, complete at least five challenges from Week 6 of Season 4. Each week, players receive 21 additional challenges, which are divided into the three main modes, each time an aftermarket part is added to the weekly lineup: Warzone, zombies and multiplayer. The good news is that you only have to complete five of the 21 and you can do it either way. If you don't like all the tasks, you can complete three challenges in multiplayer and two more in Zombies.

Due to the fast-paced modes, when I unlock spare parts like the JAK Volkh, I usually stick to multiplayer. It is the simplest way to perform tasks as long as they are not impossible. However, multiplayer can become more difficult with weekly challenges. If you don't mind using sniper rifles or weapons with a burst function, Week 6 is fairly easy to complete.

How to use JAK Volkh in Warzone and MW3

To use the JAK Volkh after completing Week 6, add the KV Inhibitor or the KVD Enforcer to a charge. At the bottom right of the loadout screen, both weapons will have an option to add a conversion kit. Remember that kits will take up at least one accessory slot and will impact what you can use on the weapon. You can expect to shoot a burst weapon that uses two bullets per shot once you adjust to either rifle. The bullet speed decreases, but the damage is practically the same. So, be prepared for one of the deadliest explosive weapons in the game.

In conclusion, knowing how to get the JAK Volkh in MW3 and Warzone is interesting because it allows us to function and have more fun in such a fast-paced game.

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