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  • Description: The third hospital is located south of Sawah Village, making it easily accessible for players in the vicinity. The hospital is marked with signs that guide players towards its location.
  • Directions: To reach this hospital, make your way towards Sawah Village. Once you reach the village, head south, following the signs that point towards the hospital. The clear directions provided should lead you straight to the hospital's entrance.

 Hospital 4: East of Maziwah Marshlands

  • Description: Situated east of the Maziwah Marshlands, this hospital is strategically placed across the river and gas station. It provides crucial medical support for players navigating the eastern part of the map.
  • Directions: To access this hospital, cross the river east of the Maziwah Marshlands. Once you are on the other side, head towards the gas station. The hospital is located in close proximity to the gas station. Look for the distinctive signage directing you towards the entrance.

 Unable to Find a Hospital?

  • Suggestion: In rare cases where you are unable to locate a specific hospital, don't panic. Warzone 2 DMZ offers a variety of vehicles that you can utilize for transportation. Pick a ride, be it a car or a motorcycle, and explore the map further. As you venture through the different areas, keep an eye out for signs or landmarks that may indicate the presence of a hospital nearby. Additionally, consider teaming up with other players who may have already found a hospital and can guide you to their location.

Additional tips or alternative strategies

  • Utilize in-game communication features to coordinate with your teammates and share information about hospital locations.
  •  Pay attention to the map and its updates, as hospitals may be added or relocated during gameplay updates.
  •  Consider using binoculars or scopes to scan the surroundings from vantage points, as hospitals may be visible from a distance.

In Warzone 2 DMZ, locating hospitals is crucial for survival. These strategically placed medical facilities provide essential healing and health restoration. By following the guidelines provided in this blog post, you can easily find all six hospitals scattered throughout the Al Mazrah map. Remember, teamwork, communication, and exploration are key to discovering these hospitals. Stay focused, stay vigilant, and most importantly, enjoy the thrilling experience that Warzone 2 DMZ has to offer. Good luck, and may your virtual journey be filled with victories and successful hospital encounters!

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