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GTA Online: How to Complete the Fleeca job Heist

2020-05-19 09:15:03

In this fairly comprehensive guide, we've been able to prepare all the details you need to know if you're wondering how to complete the Fleeca job heist in GTA Online.

What are heists in GTA Online.

Before telling you how to complete the Fleeca heist, you have to know that the heists are a series of robberies that you will have to complete as part of a series of missions to get money and that were introduced in a 2015 update.

What is the Fleeca job heist in GTA Online.

This is the first heist that you will have to complete in the game, apart from being the first heist, The Fleeca Job is also the easiest to complete and you will receive it from Lester. Despite being the easiest to complete you will want to know how to complete the Fleeca heist, which we have already covered.

How to complete the Fleeca job heist in GTA Online.

The first thing you have to do when receiving the call from Lester is to go to his warehouse, marked by an L on the map.

Lester will tell you that he is working to establish a job and will reply with some details.

When you return to your apartment you will have a planning room, from which you can manage your robberies, just wait for Lester's call.

On how to complete the Fleeca heist in GTA Online, the first thing you have to do is pick up the phone and access the Quick Job> "Play Heist" menu at the top of the list.

You have the option of taking part in someone else's robbery or organizing your own. If you join someone else's heist, you will join their game and appear during any scene they are in.

Two players will be required in the Fleeca heist, so you can invite a friend or wait for someone to join in order to start the heist.

How to complete the Fleeca heist in GTA Online - Settings.

The first thing you have to do after having your companion for the robbery is determine the location of the robbery. So you will have to go to the bank, during which Lester will inform you about some details. Sit outside the bank while Lester explains the plan.

Then you will have to go to Lester's warehouse to pick up Lester's assistant and some equipment.

Your partner will have to enter the bank's network through a hacking application on his phone, this application is a mini-game in which you will have to solve a puzzle.

When you get to the warehouse you will receive a new car with which you will have to go to the garage with Page and Lester.

Heist's dash should be set up, and Lester explains the next mission where a Kuruma vehicle will have to be stolen from Little Seoul part of the city, so change your clothes and get ready for action, shoot if necessary and pass whoever goes through to complete this.

How to complete the Fleeca heist in GTA Online - Heist.

After completing the above process, the heist leader will have to wait for a notification and then invite the second player again.

The attack is divided into two parts, driver and piercer. The total reward for this heist is $ 115,000.

Choose the outfit you will wear and head to the bank in Kuruma.

Driller will have to hack into security to get started. Remember that you have to complete a puzzle minigame.

Once the puzzle is complete, the piercer will open the door with his phone, signaling that it is time to put on the masks.

Inside, the driver will have to take out 4 security cameras in the lobby and take them down the hall on the left, while the driller is in charge of the vault.

The vault has four levels of locking, just follow the instructions and don't let the drill overheat.

Keep an eye on the cashier with the driver so that he does not sound the alarm, for this you will have to point him directly in order to keep his level of intimidation as high as possible, you can shoot in the air to let him know who is in charge.

When emptying the box you will have to deal with several police officers who will be outside.

If you complete the heist in less than five minutes, don't kill any police and make sure the car takes no less than 6 percent damage to earn Elite rank and an extra $ 50,000.

 This is how we finished this article on how to complete the Fleeca heist in GTA Online, we hope that now that you know how easy it is to get started in this, you can do it quickly and you can complete all the heist missions you are doing to get more and more money .

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