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BitLife: How to get the Goat Grabber achievement - Tips and tricks

2020-05-18 14:41:34

BitLife allows us to achieve many interesting objectives, but today we will focus on knowing how to obtain the capturing goat achievement, let's see.

What is the goat grabber achievement in BitLife?

This game has some very interesting updates that we cannot ignore, especially since they present us with some jobs that can be a little more complex, specifically the achievement of the capturing goat, which is nothing more than a rather difficult objective that we stumbled upon. But as we can understand it, we realize that even though it is a very complex process, it is interesting to achieve it, so let's see here How to obtain the achievement of capturing goat and with this, we can advance in this game that increasingly brings us more content.

How to get the goat grabber achievement in BitLife?

 A fundamental requirement to achieve this difficult achievement is teamwork, for this we will have to carry out extracurricular activities and join the team, "Goat Catcher", from high school, it is also important to be clear that it is vital to start in Afghanistan, this is because it is a purely exclusive achievement for this country.

To achieve this complicated achievement it is necessary to have:

  •  Starting our activity in Afghanistan, as it is an exclusive achievement of this country, which implies starting our history here.
  • To continue living in this country for when we are in high school, when we turn exactly 16, bearing in mind that there is no possibility of ever having dropped out of school.
  • Maintain health in perfect condition, for this it is vital to walk, and maintain a routine where we are in good health.
  • Extracurricular activities are an important part of our high school life, to participate in them it is only necessary to move down and choose the goat grab option as soon as we have it available.
  • Teamwork is the only way to achieve this goal, so it will be necessary to alternate it with studies to achieve it.

 In this sense, knowing how to obtain the capturing goat achievement allows us to prepare and stay as stable as possible, since BitLife has posed an excellent challenge that we cannot waste.

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Life simulation game
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