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Guide to learn how to get Omega isotope in Warframe

  In Warframe, the Fomorians are massive mobile Grineer space stations, so when a Fomorian has attacked one of the Relays, and Lotus needs you to stop it, there are many things you need to consider to achieve that goal because the Relay will be destroyed. This means one less social space in the world of Warframe, so put on your most powerful weaponry and prepare to fight the enemy.

How to get Omega isotope in Warframe?

You will have received a message from Lotus containing a blueprint for a Fomorian Disruptor. To build it, you need Omega isotopes. These are a waste product produced by the engines of the enormous Fomorian and how to obtain the Omega isotope is very easy, they can be found killing enemies on the planet closest to the threat.
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    Find the relay that the Fomorian is preparing to attack, then simply carry out missions on that planet. While the Fomorian is present, isotopes can fall during alerts, union missions, invasions, and dark sectors, as long as they occur on the corresponding planet.

    Something very important is that the isotopes fall from the enemies, it is a good idea to cultivate them in a full squad. It is also a good idea to cultivate them by doing Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Intercept and Dig missions. Considering that cultivating them with a larger squad will bring more benefits, in addition to the missions are infinite so you can cultivate as much as you want until you consider it enough.

    In the middle of the Omega Isotope How does it work?

    When you've cultivated enough of this, simply head to the Foundry on your ship. Find the plane of the Fomoroian Disruptor and start building. You need four Omega isotopes for each disruptor, and it will take a minute to build.

    To fight the Fomorians, you have to go to your Star Card and click on the Fomorians node and next to Tenno they have to prevent the Grineer threat from destroying their target.

    Also be sure to complete at least one race on the Fomorian doing over a million damage to the core of the massive ship.

     The How to get Omega isotope in Warframe is not a very difficult task, the only thing is that you have to take a while to be able to cultivate enough to later build the final product. Good luck in your game!

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