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Warframe: How to farm Anomaly Shards

2020-05-20 11:03:19

Guide to learn how to obtain Anomaly Shards in Warframe

  Anomaly shards are a rare resource in Warframe. They can only be obtained from Veil Proxima, aboard the Sensible Anomaly. When you killed twenty Sentients aboard the Anomaly, you are rewarded with a single shard.

How to get to the veil in Warframe?

You will need to clear Earth Proxima, then Saturn Proxima to reach Veil Proxima and for this you must play through the Railjack missions in the same way that you play through the Star Card, opening access to the new areas.

If you don't have access to your own Railjack yet, you can join other players as a crew member through the main navigation screen.

How to get Anomaly Shards in Warframe?

This Anomaly is revealed as a Murex ship during the recent community event, it will appear in a random node. You will be able to know which node you are in due to the presence of a small flashing red icon.

The best thing you can do while playing is to charge into that mission and you can find the Sentient ship somewhere in the level and you can board it to fight the Sentients.

Cephalon Cy will ask you to board the Murex and destroy 20 conscious enemies as the objective of the mission. Although it can be highlighted that not all players need to board the Murex, since the Anomaly Shards is a squad drop, no matter what role you play in the mission.

  There is no exact way how to get Anomaly Shards in Warframe due to its randomized concept so don't despair and keep playing while taking advantage of the new event Good Luck!

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