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Guide to learn how to get a Tranq rifle in Warframe

  If you are a fan of Warframe you should know that the Tranq rifle is a very important and powerful piece among players and is mainly used for the capture and conservation of animals. You may be interested in acquiring it but you don't know how to do that, don't worry, we will teach you how to have this weapon in your hands with our guide. Stay to know more!
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    How to get a Tranq rifle in Warframe?

    One of the main reasons why this weapon is so sought after is for those who want to progress in Entrati Syndicate, and for this, animal captures must be made for Son to obtain Son Tokens.

    Son is the animal trapping NPC in Necralist, and he sells most of the things you need for the conservation of animals. For whatever reason, it doesn't sell a Tranq rifle. To get your hands on this team, you will need to visit The Business at Fortuna on Venus. Here they can sell you a Tranq rifle that you can use to capture animals for 500 Solaris Standing.

    If what you need is to earn Solaris Standing, take a tour of Eudico near the Orb Vallis gates in Fortuna. All of its rewards will grant a different amount of reputation, and doing any of them will give you enough to buy the Tranq Rifle.

     Now that you know how to get a Tranq rifle in Warframe you will be able to perform the animal capture missions that are asked of you so that you can continue advancing in the game. Luck!

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