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Today we bring you a Warframe guide where we will explain how to fish.

What to know before fishing in Warframe?

The bait for the fish is necessary, for this we will use the pieces of the Wyrm's body, these are all over the map, we will look for the waste to use as bait for the infested fish, access to these we will have in the Fishing menu, to be able to open this menu it is necessary that we equip the fishing spear, many of the different fish that exist in this game are going to be found in the 2-cycle areas, this depends on Fass or Vome taking care of things in The surface, having these aspects is ideal then to seek to understand how to fish and the following content will guide us, let's follow it.

How to fish in Warframe?

Keep in mind that the fish must be floating to catch them, so it is necessary for the bait to fall into the water through which they will be flowing, the Necralisk is marked on the mini map, here we can take our fish to the Daughter, we will notice it with an icon in the shape of a fish, this place allows us to cut the fish and thus make a change for Daughter tokens, which allows us to enter the union classification and we can also obtain the spear of Spari from her, which will be of great support to catch the different fish, let's see How to fish the following.
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    Surface fish


     Amniophysi: In the very landscape that is infected we have the birth of these fish from the translucent pods, to be active they will be prompted by the glow of Fass.

     Cryptosuctus: the delicacy of these fish are the floating spores, which are located on the entire surface of Deimos.

     Glutinox: Vome's light makes them rise, they are giant cannibal fish, these are capable of devouring the smallest relatives

     Ostimyr - The light from the Wyrm Vome allows these to emerge from ponds and is a frequently sought after fish.


     Cave fish

     These are found below the Deimos surface at Warframe and are as follows:


     Aquapulmo: the contamination that these fish have was caused on purpose, they have as food the organic deposits that are in the caves

     Barbisteo: the food they eat is based on the remains of other fish, they like the environment of the caves and always avoid light, they are voracious.

     Condricord - A creation that has managed to adapt to the environment that Deimos offers them, they are resistant to infestation and in the caves they have been thriving.

     Duroid: Since the Orokin era we have this fish hidden in the deepest exocrine pools of caves that exist.

     Kymaeros: with the antibodies that these possess due to the infestation, they tend to reject the non-infested ones, they keep swimming to reach the surface of Deimos above the Exocrine.

     Myxostomata: These have a golden meat that tastes special to predators, which is why it is a fish in extinction, in the caves it lives hidden.

     Vitreospina: it is an automaton of metal and flesh, which had an existence in the caves primitively.


     Finally, now that we know how to fish we can continue progressing and having fun at Warframe.

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