Lidia Rozo
2020-10-16 10:48:10

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Our work for Vigil The Longest Night is just beginning and this leads us to tell you how to customize the controls, let's see.

Do I need to customize the controls in Vigil The Longest Night?

  Like all games, the controls are highly vital to play, however having the possibility of carrying out some type of customization is an interesting task, since there are some that can become a little slower than others, and also of the games that we are using in such a way that knowing how to customize the controls in a certain way is a necessary task, especially since each game has certain particular characteristics.

The best known controls are usually applied:


  •   X to attack.
  • B to attack.

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How to customize controls in Vigil The Longest Night?

 This is an interesting option that we can carry out on both the keyboard and the controller.

 On the keyboard: It is a very simple task since it is only necessary to proceed to choose the action that we are interested in performing and proceed to press Z, then we press the key that we consider necessary to carry out a certain action, only this can become reversible And if for some reason we make a mistake, it will only be necessary to press F10 so that everything returns to its default state.

 On the Controller: there is no major difference in relation to the keyboard

  •  We get the action we want to change.
  • We proceed to press A.
  • Then we press the key that we consider to use for a certain action.
  • Then we clarify and repeat until we get the inputs of the desired controller.
  • Making a mistake leads us to have to press F10 to be able to reestablish the default controls.
  • If we are using Nintendo Switch Pro it is necessary to use the control bar.
  • In the case of the PS4, use the command.
  • In the case of the Xbox One use the Dualshock.

 Now that you know how to customize the controls it is time to try to get some considerable change in your way of playing in Vigil The Longest Night.