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Angel Marquez
2020-10-20 16:06:48

Today we bring you a Lucifer Within Us guide in which we will explain where to find all the collectible devil herbs.

What to know about the collectible devil herbs in Lucifer Within Us?

As we progress in the game we will find many demonic things, among which we have some collectibles related to the devil, this found in the cultured places as we solve the murders, this time we must understand where to find all the collectible devil herbs and the details that are going to help us come in the following content of this guide, let's just follow them closely.

Where to find all the collectible devil herbs in Lucifer Within Us?

  • The brothers: We will have the first of the devil's herbs in the cybernetics workshop, specifically near Rubén's side in this workshop, for this we look in the lower right corner near a chair, next to a screwdriver that the grass is located on a desk, if we do not visualize we can use the mouse to zoom in on the image and thus be able to notice it.
  • The cemetery: related to the specific case we have that very close to this is the grass, we have to go to the southeast of the cemetery and reach the lower right corner, this where the murder victim was buried, there are 2 gravestones against a fence stone, next to it is this grass.
  • The chapel: The 2nd floor of this place we must review, for this we will go up 2 stairs that are on the left, the grass is on the ground under a statue, we will easily notice it just by looking around this chapel .

Finally, now that we know where to find all of the collectible Devil Herbs, we can move on to Lucifer Within Us.

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