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Valorant is a very busy game and today it will take us to discover everything related to rank icons list.

In Valorant the objective of the players comes to focus on obtaining the best ranks, which are represented by a rank icons list, where a specific position is found for the different players in the competition mode that the game has. , to know more details related to this fact, it is necessary that we pay close attention to the content of this guide, let's see at the same time to see what advice it brings us.

What should we know about the range icons in Valorant?

There are a total of 8 ranges which are presented to obtain, each of these means the level at which we are located, where the representation of these in icons are different, to see which are the ranges that we can achieve, let's keep an eye on this explanatory content.

What is the rank icons list in Valorant?

Starting with the highest we have that the list is as follows:
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    • Valorant
    • Immortal
    • Diamond
    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze
    • Iron

    The icons for each level is mostly the same for each of the ranges, only when we go up to a level these icons have changes, which we will notice that in the center it will become discolored, where a silver crest will be the representation of the highest level of the range obtained, in the Valorante range there are no separate icons, this happens that it does not present different levels as if they have the other ranges, the fight of each of us to reach the maximum range is Motivating despite the fact that we are before the closed beta, we can show off the rank icons when playing games in competitions.

    We can conclude that knowing about rank icons list allows us to motivate ourselves to improve our performance while having fun in Valorant.

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