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We continue through the world in Minecraft Earth to tell you how to build a house.

What does Minecraft Earth bring to us?

  Definitely this game does not stop and usually offers us a number of interesting things to do, because the construction work, the treasures, the resources and a lot of adventure in an open world allow us to enjoy it to the fullest, only this time it is necessary to know How build a house, so let's not waste any more time and let's see how it is achieved.
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    How to build a house in Minecraft Earth?


     Before thinking about construction, it is necessary to have Rubies or rather currency, since these must be earned while we play, by making some macro transactions in the ruby ​​sales menu, and accumulating for the acquisition of plates, if they the idea of Knowing How to build a house simply won't exist.

    To build a house it is necessary to be on the map and select the button that is shaped like a tower at the bottom of our screen, because there we will go to another screen where we will have the opportunity to select some building plates that it is possible to buy with Rubies .

    It is possible to have the possibility of having a complementary board and this can be achieved as soon as we load Minecraft Earth the first time. For your part, buying the build plate can be done once the build option is available.

    To build a house in Minecraft Earth it is simply necessary to click on the treasure chest at the bottom of our screen on the right side of the Create screen and then select the blocks that we are going to use from our inventory, since starting from the option having previously been given the designation of a special place in the real world, so we should worry about getting a spacious and illuminated place and for this it is necessary to do so by pointing the camera of our phone to an area that is clear and illuminated.

    Once with the blocks and the construction site it is time to proceed to place the blocks, it is really a fairly easy task, since we will only have to choose the desired block and place it where we consider necessary, it is possible to place a considerable number of blocks since the important thing is to have them with us, the quantity is not specific, that is if it is important to have that their measurements generally tend to be 8x8 and 16x16, mostly, since it is possible and to locate them quickly thanks to the direct access bar, since it is precisely she who assigns us some type of block to the slot and with this we can move from one side to the other.

    Construction in Minecraft Earth is usually for cosmetic purposes, but in one way or another knowing how to build a house is vital here, also knowing how to move an object is quite simple, since we must select the interaction mode on the left side of our Create screen and then tap said desired object in this way we can interact.

    For its part, destroying or collecting an object is possible, but to do so, we must select the collection mode and click on the object that we want to take or destroy.

    Entering a house in Miecraft Earth has as much similarity as real life, because this means that we can only walk around it, invite other players, but there is always the need to have to touch, and for this it is necessary to touch the ellipses that are located in the upper corner on the right side of the screen to click on Invite a friend, but for this to happen it is necessary to scan a QR code from another player in Join Friend located in the main menu, this maybe we It makes us feel more connected to real life, especially based on knowing how to build a house should simply locate us in an area as excellent as possible.

    In general terms, knowing how to build a house is not a major problem, since it is important to have the necessary blocks and rubies in Minecraft Earth.

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