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The adventures in Genshin Impact are still latent allowing us to talk to you about how to take a photo in the designated area.

What is the purpose of taking a photo in the designated area in Genshin Impact?

 This is simply an interesting task and that is part of the adventures to which we have access in the mission "Adventures in the Wind Castle" and that is immersed within the "Winblume Festival", for some players this is usually somewhat tedious, However, with the explanation that we give here, it will be less complex, especially considering that it is necessary to take two photos in two different places.

How to take a photo in the designated area in Genshin Impact?

 To get into this activity it is necessary:

  •  Have at least one of the “Kamera” gadgets.
  • Then it is necessary to access the main menu.
  • We must make use of the "Take photo" function.
  • Choose to click on the camera icon that is located on the left side.
  • We proceed to click on the entry that is visible on the screen in order to take the photo.

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    Take a photo of the Tree of Frost.

     These previous steps are necessary to know how to take a photo in the designated area, now, it is necessary to mobilize to the waypoints and have made some progress in the mission, once we have taken our first photo will be in the mountains where it is possible to take a photo of the "Tree of Frost".

    Take a photo after hitting the Statue of Seven.

     A second photo makes us have to hit the statue so that it can free itself for this it is necessary to unlock said statue in Dragonspine, a task that involves breaking the red crystal in addition to collecting the scarlet quartz that usually falls, and from their attack and ice that is usually located in front of the statue, this implies doing intense but rewarding work.

     Once we manage to take the respective photos, it is necessary to carry out other tasks that are simple enough and from there choose the rewards that are:

    •  20 First Gems.
    • 2 Hero skills.
    • 20,000 arrears.

     In this sense, knowing how to take a photo in the designated area allows us to get involved in a phenomenal search task through Genshin Impact.

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