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Valorant: how to earn Experience points quickly

2020-04-29 10:10:31

This time we are going to talk about how to earn experience points quickly while we are in Valorant, let's see.

 Experience points and bonuses are two very important and special details with which we get ourselves in this game, since they allow us to get improvements and unlocks for our characters, the good thing is that little by little they can be accumulated because we started from Zero, but exactly we want to know how to gain experience points quickly, because they are extremely useful and here we are going to tell you how to achieve it.

How to earn experience points quickly with daily missions in Valorant?

 The daily missions in Valorant can be seen on the main screen of the game, for this we are located in the bottom corner on the left side, there we get that there are a number of missions available and each of them can simply allow us to win a maximum of 4,000 Extra points, because it is simply worth paying a little attention to these activities that are kept active every day.

What are the daily missions available in Valorant?

 Normally in this game there is a certain amount of mission is that we can do every day, because they are essential when it comes to knowing how to earn experience points quickly, allowing us to play as a team and achieve some specific objectives, some are quite simple, others are not So much because they require to acquire some weapons or armor in particular, but all are available to develop and are as follows.

  • Collect the sphere that adds a point to the Ultimate skill;
  • Killing someone with an opponent's weapon;
  • Record the first death of the round;
  • Kill an opponent when one of the allies is planting or disarming Spike.

Missions that are 5 times.

  •  Plant or take apart s Spike.
  • Using the skill last several times.
  • Gunshots to the head.

 Missions that are 20 times.

  •  Buy a certain amount of armor.
  • Buy a certain amount of weapons
  • Acquire a certain amount of skill charges.

 Daily quest challenges usually restart every day at 10.00 GMT, we usually have 24 hours, although sometimes it is not necessary to wait for that period of time since they can be done in a shorter time.

How can experience points be shared in Valorant?

Some games can last less than others, some rounds can be won with more points than others, but simply getting the most points only depends on the effort we make, implying the need to know how to earn experience points quickly, the most suitable is to win at least 13 rounds, because during each play a certain amount of points is earned and these can be seen reflected as follows:

 We are talking about getting 13,000 experience points in a match which we could break down in a fairly simple way and it is this:
  •  About 8,000 experience points as two daily missions of 4,000 points each are carried out.
  • About 2,600 experience points for rounds won which represents 200 points for each round for a total of 13 rounds.
  • About 2,400 experience points for rounds played, representing 100 points for each round for a total of 24 rounds.

 Finally, knowing how to gain experience points quickly simply puts us at an advantage and allows us to stay active every day, since daily missions allow us to be continuously working at Valorant.

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