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Valorant: Best Weapons to Use

2020-04-17 11:43:54

Today we bring you a Valorant guide where we will explain everything related to the best weapons to use.

  In Valorant there are many weapons at our fingertips, with different characteristics, in this guide we will know what are the best weapons to use in our adventure, we just have to pay attention to all the content that will be presented from now on.

What should we know about weapons in Valorant?

The conformation of the best weapons to use, are distributed by categories, being these pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers, the capacities are different, the different use and even the damage they cause are in different ways, the price also varies, the highest priced are snipers, to know more we will have the details of each one of them, let's continue reading.

What are the best weapons to use in Valorant?

We will have the specifications of the best weapons to use depending on the situation, the damage they cause and more regarding these, let's start below.

Heavy Weapons

  • Ares: We have in this weapon a number of bullets to highlight, spraying, the cost to pay is very high, it also has a high recoil, which if we want to decrease we must use it while crouching, it is not the best option to consider but as many do the same basic role.
  • Odín: It is an improvement of Ares, in which the rate of fire was increased, in addition it is possible to be moving at the same time as we use it, something that with the previous version was limited.


  •  Bucky: At close range this weapon turns out to be one of the best weapons to use in Valorant, this is due to its pumping action which turns out to be devastating, the price is very high, but the comfort when playing with it is excellent, shooting primary gives us a correct diffusion, but this alternative is done by shooting with the right click
  • Judge: Another shotgun at our disposal in Valorant, which is fully automatic, by pressing the trigger for a long time it will decrease its precision, in remote use it will not have any effectiveness, but its way of working is very similar to the Bucky if we can get control of the dispersion of his shots.

Assault rifles

  • Bulldog: We find a standard weapon in this category, presenting a decent rate of fire with a high recoil, the proximity of half the range will be the best way to use it despite the fact that if it has something long-range, this if we got to change it to the alternative mode, its price is high, it comes in as the best weapons to use but there are above these many.
  • Guardian: At Valorant in terms of headshots we can say that it is the best among the category of assault rifles, excellent precision, semi-automatic, the aim we have is welcome, with characteristics familiar with the Counter Strike, it is important to know that This demands the maximum in terms of our precision in each shot, since their speed is not fast.
  • Phantom: We are before a suppressed rifle, with similarities to the M4A1, it is automatic, with the shots individually its precision in perfect, only that it can be improved if we use it in the alternative mode.
  • Vandal: We get in this one of the best weapons to use for the damage it is capable of doing to our enemies, it has great power, something difficult to handle at the time of its recoil, the correct thing to use is that we go for precise shots, ending instantly with the enemy that is in any range.

Sniper rifles

  •  Marshal: In Valorant this rifle has excellent precision, despite the fact that the targets to shoot are with the hip, the corrector being to have the points in which we shoot when maintaining the target, the speed is good and ends up with whoever is when shooting on the head, which makes it one of the best weapons to use.
  • Operator: The destructive power of this weapon places it as the best in the entire game, with this one-shot we will finish off the enemy, wherever the shot hits, only it takes a long time to reload, now precisely at the time finishing our enemies will not be a problem that affects us, so among the best weapons to use, this will be the best.



  •  Stinger: The firing speed of this makes it one of the best weapons to use, its balance is decent in the initial rounds of a game, when the intention is to rescue it will be ideal, it has 2 shooting modes, the first one it is automatic at 18rps, the second is the alternative mode, when the zoom is activated it is able to stabilize the weapon.
  • Specter: It consists of a suppressed weapon, its handling is good and more in the intermediate rounds of a game, in Valorant we have to have the necessary balance as the one that this SMG has, in the medium range combat, our main option can be It is for the category, with the zoom we can increase the precision and thus we also avoid the dispersion of the bullet when shooting it in the alternative mode.

Side fire weapons

  • Classic: At the beginning in Valorant this will be our starting weapon, it is free, basic, the damage capacity is moderate, among the best weapons to use this will not be the most correct, but at the beginning it is what we will have, it has 2 modes of shots, one is the semi-automatic 6.75 rounds per second, the other is the alternative consisting of a burst of 3 rounds, thus increasing the spread, with a speed of 2.22 RPS.
  • Shorty: In a short distance we can have a guarantee as the best weapons to use this, it has good effectiveness at close range, being notable that it is a cut-off shotgun, the amount of bullets it has is a guarantee that the enemy will be able to Reaching all parts of its body, firing 12 pellets per shot, it does not have an alternative way to improve the propagation of bullets, that is advantageous when looking to avoid expenses in Valorant.
  • Frenzy: The speed of this automatic weapon is good, at about 10rps, it does not have an alternative mode, its loading is comfortable, easy to achieve due to the class of shooting, the damage it causes is not remarkable, it penetrates the wall minimal so there are better options in Valorant
  • Ghost: It has a significant solidity, the precision is remarkable at medium range, this is capable of being suppressed, which means in Valorant that the enemies will spend a lot of work looking for the location from which we shot it.
  • Sheriff: With bullets similar to caliber 50, with similar characteristics, it is a great weapon, regardless of the range we will be able to hit our enemies, of course taking into account our performance when aiming and shooting.

Finally, now we already know everything about the best weapons to use, we can progress and have much more fun in Valorant.
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