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Fallout 76 Wastelanders: How to fix lag (FPS) Issue

2020-04-17 10:55:26

We invite you to discover How to fix lags in this Fallout 76 Wastelanders explanatory guide.

  We find that Fallout 76 Wastelanders is presenting delays, this is related to the FPS, in this guide we will know how to solve the delays, the content is focused in that direction, so it is important that we pay close attention, see what it brings us next.

How to fix lags in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

The solution for increasing the FPS, so if we want to do it, we have to go to the Fallout76Prefs.ini file, thus unlocking the appropriate frame rate, for this we have to follow some steps and these are.

  • Let's C: Users / USER NAME / Documents / My games / Fallout 76
  • Open the file Fallout76Prefs.ini
  • We look in the ini-file for the word "interval"
  • We put "iPresentInterval = 1" in "iPresentInterval = 0" (1 = vsync on; 0 = vsync off)
  • We restart the game.

What does the Wastelanders update bring in Fallout 76?

This update is free, it brings many things to highlight and let's see it below:

  • Choice and reputation: It is possible to alter the destinations we know, through dialogue trees, depending on our decisions, our position in each of the factions will be affected through the new reputation system
  • Game optimization: We found various optimizations and improvements for the interface, where a new way of tracking the missions is included when we find ourselves exploring in the moor.
  • Primary Mission: It is now within our grasp to learn the secrets of West Virginia while playing a new primary mission.
  • Human NPC: We may be friends or traitors to new neighbors who are planning to rebuild, with the opportunity to experience Appalachians through their eyes.
  • Creatures and Equipment: We have new engagements with new mutants, thus improving weapons and armor to higher levels.


In this way we finish our guide of Fallout 76 Wastelanders, now you know how to fix the lags and we can continue enjoying to the fullest.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows PC
Action role-playing
Bethesda, steam
Creation Engine
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