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Our tour through Valheim allows us to do many things, and therefore we will tell you where to sell items.

Why sell items in Valheim?

There is a significant variety of objects that have a significant value, among which there are collectibles such as rubies that we can sell to get some additional coins, when we have these collectibles it is the recommended option to follow, but it is necessary to know where to sell items and is what will be explained in the following text, let's see.
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Where to sell items on Valheim?

We must first look for the legendary merchant, it is a character that is found in the black forest, in this biome we must consider some aspects to find its location, starting with the fact that it is close to about 1000 km we will be able to notice it In our map, only in this biome is it found, close to the coasts is precisely where it will appear, it has a bonfire established in the place, so it will be easy for us to find it due to the environmental situation that causes the smoke and the brightness of the fire, it is important to take into account the use of the ship to get to its location, once we find it we will interact with it to sell it what we want, thus obtaining gold in exchange, then buying items of greater importance to us.

  Now that you know where to sell items you can proceed to do it and thus continue the journey through Valheim.

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