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Genshin Impact keeps taking care of us and for that reason we are going to tell you where to find the Thundersoother set, let's see.

What is the Thundersoother set in Genshin Impact?

  It is one of the important artifacts that we find in the game, we are certainly talking about a vital mechanic to consider, only that you have to match it to the right characters to get the best out of it, one of the rarest is the Thundersoother, which It requires top-level domains to achieve it, the efficiency of this artifact depends on the equipment that the character owns, now to see where to find the Thundersoother set, the following details must be considered.

Where to find the Thundersoother set in Genshin Impact?

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The statistic that this artifact set possesses focuses on electro resistance, achieving a 20 percent increase in this with 2 pieces, but with 4 it is possible to see the damage caused to enemies increased by 35 percent when affecting it. With the electro, certainly the usefulness of this set is not of great value like others, it is because it is not as accurate with the enemies that do not have affectations with the electro, now with the 4-piece enhancer it is possible that performance is better when used in the right character, this Thundersoother set is going to be found in Midsummer Courtyard, in Starsnatch Cliff and in Mondstadt, it is important to execute the domain at level 4 or better, but Midsummer at level 5 there is no option For us to get to get the artifacts from Thundersoother, the best chances are at level 6 for characters who are at level 90.

 It is necessary while waiting to find hydro slimes, hydro mage of the abyss and a hydro samachurl at level 4, while at level 6 there are electro slimes and mutant electro slimes, also 2 fatui electro cicin mages, prior to a fight With any enemy it is a timely strategy to change to the Thundersoother set if we maintain said confrontation with those affected by the electro, certainly for the adventure in generating it is not suitable or when facing standard enemies, such as when we encounter the electrical hypostasis that we must equip the whole to Lisa or Fischl to be more efficient.

 Definitely knowing where to find the Thundersoother set allows us to progress in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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