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In the Valheim universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get the Megingjord belt and here we will explain how to do it.

What to know about the Megingjord belt in Valheim?

It is a great resource in the game with which we can increase the space of our inventory, it is something that will be very useful because we will go through different combats for the biomes and their corresponding bosses, so we will add large amounts of materials that make it appropriate to consider understanding How to get the Megingjord belt and in this guide the answers will be present, let's see them below
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    How to get the Megingjord belt in Valheim?

    It is necessary that we find Haldor, who turns out to be a merchant, he likes to be around the black forest biomes, but it should be noted about this that we will not always see him in the same area, we have to look for the NPC in said biome, Because with this we can solve How to get the Megingjord belt when selling it, we must take into account the appropriate strategies in Valheim to find it, being the ideal to go around the edges of the black forest, when we have it close to us at a distance of 300 meters we will Being able to notice that it is reflected on the map, this is not always the case, but the search area is reduced, starting from this fact, it only remains to explore the biome until we find it, at night our possibilities increase, taking into account a bonfire near where appears, another option is to use a world generator and enter the seed, although it seems like a plot will count as a possibility.

    Among the advantages of solving How to get the Megingjord belt is the fact of adding 150 inventory slots, something very important, especially when we are in a game like Valheim that is cultivated with great intensity, so storage becomes a problem. , Haldor will sell us this belt for the cost of 950 coins, we cannot use it together with the Wishbone because it is an accessory, there are also other interesting objects that Haldor sells, these being Ymir's meat for 120 coins, the Dverger Circlet for 620 coins, the Yule hat for 100 coins, the fishing pole for 350 coins, and the fishing bait for 10 coins, while we can sell some of our stuff to take advantage of the excess resources we have.

    Certainly apart from knowing how to get the Megingjord belt we have in Valheim another option such as making a car, which requires some materials to do it, among which are wood x20 and bronze nails x10, in the first of the materials not There is a problem with trees everywhere, while for bronze nails it is necessary to have a forge and foundry, where copper must be combined with tin, the good thing is that being in the black forest biome we can take advantage of find this mineral, being necessary a pick for its extraction, having this we can forge the necessary nails, we must take into account the function of the car, being this very similar in Valheim to the Megingjord belt, something that works as an additional inventory for the objects , considering that it has the same capacity even in slots, only that carrying the cart through elevated areas will be a big problem, however the u so from a portal that may be close to where the crop is located.

    It should be noted about the car that enemies and trees can destroy it, in the case of trees when removing wood it must be at an adequate distance to avoid being crushed, even knocking down a tree can cause others to fall in the shape of dominoes, then we must seek to put the cart in an open area, certainly knowing how to get the Megingjord belt and the cart puts us at a great advantage to add a good amount of space between them for our objects.

     We can conclude that knowing how to get the Megingjord belt is easier than we thought once we are aware of the details presented in this Valheim guide.

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