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Angel Marquez
2021-03-03 14:46:09

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Find out how to get frost resistant mead in this excellent and explanatory Valheim guide.

What is the frost resistant mead in Valheim good for?

It is something necessary to protect ourselves when we are traveling to the highest peaks in the game, with which we will avoid freezing, and we can avoid death, then an understanding is required on How to obtain frost-resistant mead and in the details by coming in this guide will explain everything about it, let's see.

How to get frost resistant mead in Valheim?

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It is necessary that we have reached the Bronze Age first, these tools allow us to make the cauldron and a fermenter, in the case of cauldrons they are necessary for the creation of the mead bases, which will go through the fermenter obtaining potions between the which is the frost-resistant mead, to make the cauldrons it takes 10 tins, and we can access the recipe by melting it at least once.

To make a fermenter we need 30 fine wood, 5 bronze and 10 resin, after we manage to manufacture it is when we will go on to obtain the frost-resistant mead, taking into account that we need resources such as 10 honey, 5 thistles, 2 bags of blood and 1 gray dwarf eye, most of these resources can be found easily because of how common they are, we just have to keep in mind that for blood bags we must find leeches in the swamp biome.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to get frost resistant mead has been useful for you to have fun at Valheim.

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