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The action in V Rising doesn't stop, which brings us to how to deal with sun damage.

What to know about sun damage in V Rising?

  Being vampires we have to avoid some things like the sun's rays, so our best option of movement will be at night, but there are some options to consider in terms of How to deal with sun damage and that's why we have this guide with the following details, let's see.

How to deal with sun damage in V Rising?

  We will have some options that will help us in terms of How to deal with sun damage in V Rising, both indoors and outdoors and they are the following:
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  • Use fog brazier creating shadow at the base: from the very beginning, shadow is very important, because it is the easiest to block the sun, which means that our base has to be located at least under the shadow of a tree to have greater advantages in terms of How to deal with sun damage, for this we will build a fog brazier, having configured our heart castle what we will do is press F to find the option in the foundation, here we need 120 stones for creation, where bones are going to be required to stay active, which helps us to make the mosaics darken to fade the sunlight, now to cover a room with greater amplitude we depend on more mist braziers, when arriving at night we have to turn it off, during the day we depend on our bones to keep it working.
  • Shade in the open air: apart from the previous option, it is recommended, depending on the situation in V Rising, that we find trees or rocky areas to provide shade when being outside, it is possible that we have to run quickly to cross part of the land that has shade for us, escaping from the effects of the sun.
  • Build a roof: as we progress it is something that we are going to have, we must build it to put it on top of our base to protect ourselves from the solar effects.


 In the event that the sun's rays hit us in V Rising, we have to heal ourselves, for this we will use the Blood Mend, entering with the control key we access this wheel to find it and restore our health, considering that we will be frozen when healing is opportune not having enemies or being close to the sun, that is why it is important to know how to deal with sun damage, our Blood Pool level will be reduced with the Blood Mend, therefore, its use must be in the moments of greatest difficulty , it is necessary to monitor our chaco of blood because when it is exhausted we cannot heal ourselves in this way, which will lead us to other options, among which we have animals such as dead rats or a heart.

 In this way we finish our V Rising guide, now you know how to deal with sun damage, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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