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Today we bring a Dislyte guide where we will tell you how to play as Sally.

Who is Sally in Dislyte?

This is nothing more than a legendary character who has the ability to save the health of allies during the most serious battles, so it is necessary to know how to play as Sally, this taking into account that he himself is an esper who has got the blessing of the Goddess Sif, so we invite you to continue reading because things get interesting.

How to play as Sally in Dislyte?

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    • It is necessary to take into account that by using the Ode to Joy skill we manage to considerably reduce the damage of our team, in addition to healing the allies and of course, eliminating the disadvantages.
    • By making use of the Universal ability we manage to help eliminate the disadvantages of our team, equalize the health and increase the ATK.


     These are Sally's skills in Dislyte, which makes her a very powerful esper, getting to play with her is not an easy task, especially considering that she is small, however, there are other ways to achieve it and on top of that we are going to talk to you next.

    To know how to play as Sally, it is necessary to use the skills and this implies:


    •  Use the third ability to maintain health, this is not to solve desperate situations.
    • The first thing we will do is use the second ability to remove the debuffs and restore health.
    • Then, we will use the third ability, this regardless of the health status of the allies, so that we can keep the health at a high level.
    • Sally doesn't usually heal instantly, she's just a support character.
    • We should consider two moves ahead, and employ her abilities in advance.
    • We can use two high quality equipment and simultaneously choose what we like.
    • We have a chance of Sally's speed or exit, as these are useful mechanics in the fight.
    • When fighting an enemy with a lot of health, we must consider that this can be a long fight and it is necessary to make Sally the captain, this allows us to increase the resistance of our team by around 40 percent.
    • We are allowed to use Ye Suhua on Sally, which gives us a great ability cooldown without causing any loss.


     This is everything you need to know about How to play as Sally just follow the step by step instructions in this Dislyte guide and you're good to go.

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