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We continue in Dislyte and for this reason we will tell you how to play as Ye Suhua.

Who is Ye Suhua in Dislyte?

  This is a powerful support character that we have in this game and that has the ability to improve allies, in addition to healing them, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to play as Ye Suhua because it is a character that I can help with our team and manages to avoid being distracted in healing, so we should get this character because he has abilities that are simply favorable and unique that allow us to be one step ahead.

How to play as Ye Suhua in Dislyte?

  To play as Ye Suhua we must get him first and for this we must:
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    Open the Ripple Dimensions game mode, then we will open the Trials tab, this is a mode quite similar to Boss Raid, only in this case we must take care of fighting Espers in order to unlock them.

     It is necessary to take into account that Ye Suhua is usually a character that is available for a limited time, which makes it necessary to get him as quickly as possible.

     Joining Ripple Dimsensions involves scanning the global chat in order to join a random player, this needs to be done quickly as we won't be the only ones interested in doing so.

    We will be able to create a raid, only to achieve them in Dislyte we will have to frame many Rituals and Sonic Miracles, this may take a little more time, but it gives us the security of participating in the raid 100 percent.

    Note: to unlock this character we must have 30 Ye Suhua Ripples, this means that it is possible to have to visit the raid several times to achieve it.

    Now, to know how to play as Ye Suhua we must consider that despite the skills that he usually has and that he is of great support, we will not necessarily reach his full potential, but there are team options for this character and they are:


    •  Set 1: Enduring Panacea Set x4, Master Grove Set x2.
    • Set 2: Enduring Panacea Set x4, Adamantine Set x2.


     Now that you know how to play as Ye Suhua, you can get him and get the most out of this character in Dislyte.

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