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After playing for a while at Two Point Hospital you will want to know how to get rid of ghosts, which we have covered for you today.

What are the ghosts of Two Point Hospital.

When the patients of the game die they return to the hospital as ghosts and can make your work quickly complicated and it is inevitable that some patients die, so it will be very important to know how to get rid of the ghosts.
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    How to get rid of ghosts in Two Point Hospital.

    To prevent ghosts from frightening your patients and hospital staff you will have to rely on your janitors, especially those who have the ability to "Ghost Capture", who can quickly find and get rid of ghosts using Autopsychic Ghost Suction technology . So try to find one as soon as possible.

    Keep in mind that these janitors have the task of capturing ghosts only instead of other tasks.

    The janitors will also help clean the Ectoplasm that the ghosts will drop into your hospital to harm you at the Health Inspection, just keep in mind that if the Ectoplasm is from a ghost whose patient died of a disease he is investigating, you will have to carry that ectoplasm to the Research Laboratory to work on a cure for that disease.

     So we finish our guide on how to get rid of ghosts in Two Point Hospital and now that you know how easy it is to get rid of them remember to get a janitor with the skill already mentioned quickly so that things do not get complicated from the beginning.

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