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The enemies are the order of the day in State of Decay 2 so we invite you to discover how to kill the Juggernauts

What is State of Decay 2 about?

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is nothing more than a survival game where achievements are valuable but have been making players simply fall into the Brute Force challenge as a weekly Xbox game pass, and despite the fact that the players always worried about exceeding 10 million players in August 2019, which implied a considerable number since its launch in 2018.

The detail of the achievements has become a very interesting matter, so much so that the celebration of the Juggernaut edition is planned, involving exactly a considerable update, since the achievement of 100 points as a reward will allow us to eliminate 5 deadly enemies to be more exact Juggernauts .
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What can we say about the Juggernauts in State of Decay 2?

Knowing how to kill Juggernauts is one of the most interesting activities that we find on these sides, these monsters are called Juggernauts and tend to be quite complicated zombies which imply that they usually cause too much damage to vehicles and survivors transforming them in small pieces. As these elements are practically immune to Molotov bombs, gasoline pumps, as well as damage that can be caused by fire, can become somewhat explosive with a similarity to grenades and with enough problems to land, being favorable hills for us the detail that can mostly be slow and it is precisely there where we will have to attack.

How to kill Juggernauts in State of Decay 2?

In order to eliminate them it is necessary to take into account the weaknesses of our enemy and this can be a problem since it really does not have many, apart from the skills described above there is the possibility that Juggernauts are fierce elements, but we can get some inconveniences that these present , because it is difficult for them to enter through the windows due to its large size, which can serve us as a refuge where we can plan exactly how to tear it down and rest a bit, in addition, they are vulnerable when climbing walls and very bad for acrobatics.

Knocking down a giant monster makes us need a considerable amount of bullets because we will need to shoot them in the head in order to make them fall, because we will have to cause as many shots as possible, leaving the skull exposed and that this can leave very close to the collapse , then weakened this enemy will fall to the ground where we will carry out a melee attack in addition to continuing to shoot and thereby be able to eliminate him permanently.

In this way we conclude our guide on How to kill Juggernauts in State of Decay 2 allowing us to survive in this precious world.

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