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The action in Terraria does not stop, which makes it timely to know How to fix lost connection and details about it will be covered here.

What to know about the lost connection in Terraria?

  There are some reports that have to do with an error that is occurring when wanting to play, something that does not allow practically anything to do when wanting to establish a connection with our friends online, so it is appropriate to speak in this guide on How to fix the lost connection, Those of us who go through this problem will consider the following orientation.
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    How to fix lost connection in Terraria?


    •  The version of the game: this is something that is extremely important, considering that when trying to establish a connection to someone else's game through Steam, the connection error appears, the solution is due to the fact that the version of our game from coinciding with that of the person with whom we want to establish the connection.
    • The game files: it is important that we are sure that the files are correct through Steam and to do so we must go to the library and look for the game, in which we will press the right mouse button to see its properties and enter the local files to verify the files, this will tell us if they are correctly and updated for the construction of the game or if there are problems, having everything in order with the update it is possible to return to try to play.
    • Travel Character: it is necessary that we make a character in travel mode, because if we do not do it, the connection error will be presented, then it is vital to avoid or solve this problem.
    • Uninstall and reinstall: if we do not get to solve with the previous options this will be our last resort, we must uninstall the game and reinstall again, which allows us to end multiple file errors that are related to Steam and even the lost connection .


    Finally, now that we know how to fix the lost connection we can get back to action in Terraria.

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