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Temtem: Where to Buy Dye Bundles

2020-01-24 12:28:30

The content of this guide points to the topic explaining where to buy text packs with all the details we should know.

We can have a wide variety of options in terms of customization in Temtem, which is called Dye Bundles, which we can buy in cosmetics stores, this being a group of dyes, these help us to make customizations of our trajectory, in the content that will come from now on, we will find the answers of Where to buy dye packages so let's get comfortable and pay close attention.

What should we know about the dye packages in Temtem?

Before knowing where to buy dye packages it is good that we have in mind that we have 8 packages available in the game, in which for each one to have different characteristics, its use is possible to see us well when being on the battlefield, we simply talk of influence in the visualization since they do not have any effect in the game, the packages of dyes are the following:

  •   Briçal breeze

  • Ana's Fury

  • Nanga Vibes

  •  Narwhal Adventure

  •  Upper omninesia

  • Sillaro Romance

  •  Spring serenade

  •  Talassian Symphony

Where to buy dye packages in Temtem?

 Brical breeze

-Features: The cities of Denizan represented in this package of dyes by the bright and sunny colors that these dimensions.

-Price: 2249

-Where you buy: In Arissola

-What brings: Kusini Earth Dyes (1), Rose Bud (1), Olmo (1), Nutmeg (1) and Turquoise (1)

Ana's Fury

-Features: you have found in this package the deepest jungle and the tenacious lava found in the wild bundle.

-Price: 2399

-Where you buy: Mokupuni

-What brings: Eye of Woken Anak (2), Tint of Vin Rouge (1), Pansunny Morning (1) and Sea Queen (1)

Nanga Vibes

-Features: This package is inspired by the city of Nanga and its vibrant life in combined colors

-Price: 2399

-Where you buy: Nanga

-What brings: Stiletto dye (1), Rose buds (1), Brink rose (1), Nanto blue (1) and Tucma mines (1).

  Narwhal Adventure

-Features: The daring feats of the captains of aircraft has a tribute with this package of dyes

-Price: 2399

-Where you buy: Nanga

-What brings: Tint Woken Anak (1), Nanto Blue (1), Elm (1), Pocelain (1) and Bittersweet (1)

  Upper omninesia

-Features: based on the colors of the omninean jungle, which is full of life

-Price: 2399

-Where you buy: Mokupuni

-What brings: Hibiscus dyes (1), Viola (1), Denizan Green (1), Fresh Cucumber (1) and Rosa Tihani (1)

  Sillaro Romance

-Features: Blue, white and bright colors in a loving adventure.

-Price: 2249

-Where to buy: Turquoise

-What brings: Rose bud dye (1), woken shelf (1), turquoise dream (1), queen of the sea (1) and wrought iron (1)

  Spring serenade

-Features: On the docks the colors that are noticed on a full moon night

-Price: 2249

-Where to buy: Turquoise

-What brings: Kusini Earth Dye (1), Rosa Brink (1), Antique Lace (1), Only Sofia (1) and Pine Memories (1)

  Talassian Symphony

-Features: Based on the reddish cliffs and lavender fields of Deniz

-Price: 2248

-Where you buy: Arissola

-What brings: Lochburg Blue Dye (1), Nanto Blue Dye (1), Ironstone (1), Bittersweet (1), Torquoise Dye (1)

These are all the dyes available in the game until this moment, if there are more, the corresponding update is made, in the seta storms the only place to buy them, being in the same way as a store, these are places where we can even Heal our creatures and buy or our consumables trip, at least one time finding in each town, in addition, it is possible that in the cities that smaller versions of these storms are available and have similar characteristics.

This is all we know for now about Where to buy dye packages so you have to keep at the same time for more details that can be surgical in Temtem about it.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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