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Temtem: How to play offline

2020-01-23 09:24:33

Find out how to play without internet connection in Temtem. Will it be possible? All the details are shown here.

The new Temtem video game offers you the possibility of having a wild adventure experience online, in which you will have to capture a Temtem squad to fight in battles. However, many players are wondering if it is possible to enjoy this experience without having an internet connection. Therefore, this time we will show you if it is possible to play without internet or not, so continue reading to discover it.

How to play without internet connection in Temtem?

So far, the option to play offline is not enabled, and apparently, the developers of this title do not plan to enable it. This answer will not please many players who prefer to play without having problems with their internet connection, since many times the servers have failed, interrupting the user experience.

Multiplayer mode

This function is very important in the game and could be a key factor to change your mind to Crema and include the option to play without an internet connection, once the game has been officially launched. So the only thing left is to wait and see what decisions the developer makes.

At the moment this is all the information we handle on how to play without internet connection in Temtem. In the same way we invite you to keep an eye on our publications for more

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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