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temtem: how to get shiny temtems

2020-01-29 14:14:44

The uniqueness and similarity of temtem with Pokemon is not just anything, join me to discover how to get temtems brilliant.

Why get temtems brilliant in temtem?

Probably just as in Pokemon it has a significant value, besides being bright and that this makes them interesting to the eyes of all, because having a unique appearance are usually just attention, collectors like us usually involve them in our team, because with this we seek to diversify our team, besides they bring some improvements in statistics that are worth having with us, because they really are usually a little rare.

temtem is really a game extremely similar to Pokemon, and this makes the exploration, captures and evolutions a little more attractive, because as in Pokemon we start with a creature initiator, ie our little big friend that we can increase the statistics due to the struggles we carry out with him, so that some fights with him in the Dojo can be a phenomenal way to increase their numbers, to a point where they are quite strong, so much so that it even allows us to be able to raise them, this being an interesting task that usually occurs in this world of phenomenal creatures.

how to get temtems bright in Temtem?

Bright temtems usually stand out because of their brightness, but that alone doesn't make them interesting, because their statistics are precisely what make them outstanding, because the numbers they have are fantastic, bright Temtem usually generate 3 perfect individual values or 3 perfect statistics, because that makes them a little more complex to catch.

The temtem bright can be obtained in the grass, although it is also possible to obtain them in some cave, but the possibilities of obtaining them are quite complex, since of each 6000 there is a possibility of obtaining one, even if we can increase the possibilities of obtaining it by means of the breeding, the chances are 10 in case one of the parents could be brilliant, now if we are luckier and both parents are brilliant the chances increase by 100, only the best is to go step by step, because it is not an activity that we should do with despair, because some calm, we could throw some luck and get it earlier than planned.

 Now that you know how to get temtems brilliant only you have to live this experience, which becomes interesting and very striking in Temtem.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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