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Angel Marquez
2020-09-04 16:48:50

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We welcome you to our Tell Me Why guide in which we will talk about where to find all collectibles in Chapter 2.

What to know about the collectibles of chapter 2 in Tell Me Why?

  We will have a total of 5 collectibles to get in chapter 2 of the game, we will get these in all the available levels, for each one it is possible to have to make a different effort, so if we want to know where to find all the collectibles In chapter 2, we will use the support that we are going to have in the content of this guide and that follows, we will follow it to find the answers.
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Where to find all the collectibles in chapter 2 in Tell Me Why?

  •  The Giant Frog: being in the house in Delos Crossing we will go in the initial part of the chapter to reach a table in a room, to the right of this we have a notice that indicates that we must see below it, because in the lower area From the table we will find our first collectible of the chapter.
  • Stalwart's reindeer: on the upper floor of the police station we will find Uncle Eddie's office, here on the desk we will see a drawing that indicates that to the left we will find the present second collector's item.
  • The mangy muskrat: it is necessary that we advance until we have access to the warehouse that is in the back of the store in Plushy Fight, here we have Michael waiting for us, next to the refrigerator we have a closet, the third object collection here we will find it.
  • The old beaver: we will arrive at Carol Brown's grave by progressing in the last rites part, on the back of the tombstone of this there is a box, inside which we will find the fourth collector's item.
  • The Moon Witch: this is the last collectible of the chapter, we will have it in the final part of the chapter, once we get to inspect the barn we will go to the warehouse, here is a closet in a corner of the room where we will get the fifth object to complete the collection.

 We hope that the information detailed here on where to find all the collectibles in Chapter 2 will be very useful for your progress in Tell Me Why.

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